Welcome to Crexobas International

Crexobas has been established as an oil and gas core business involved in consultancy, service and manpower providers, procurement and supply in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.


To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of the Nigerian industry and competes highly with the best international standards while protecting the environment, communities and our work force

Mission Statement

To discover profitable hydrocarbon accumulations in the Nigerian basins, provide solutions to commercializing oil or gas resources and proffer the machinery to deliver products, equipment and services to the end users through partners – local and foreign, by pursuing innovation and technology

Core Values

We believe in delivering results efficiently to our customers while treating them with respect; We ensure that the communities are impacted positively in what we provide; we continue to innovate technologically and business to grow creativity and invention; We are committed to high standards of integrity and honesty, high business ethical standards with sanctity of contracts in all aspects of our business


To be the best indigenous oil and gas company that will acquire, operate oil blocks and assets in an integrated upstream, midstream and downstream sectors; increase the reserve base of Nigeria and unravel the great resource potential from onshore to deep-water environments; reach markets both local and internationally with our products in order to enhance good life and protect the environment.

Do you need a Professional Oil & Gas Consultant for your Project?

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